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Oakford Firewood and Mulch

Welcome to Oakford Firewood and Mulch: your premium home delivery service of top quality Perth firewood and mulch for all of your residential and commercial needs. We pride ourselves on offering lower prices than our competitors, with a high level of service and quality that is second to none.

Our service includes the following:

Firewood (delivery in Perth or pickup): seasoned jarrah which is produced and sourced in an environmentally sustainable way. All of our firewood is sourced under contract with the Forest Products Commission and no logs are purchased from any old growth forest. Our contract means that administration, royalties, and in-forest costs paid by us help ensure the future sustainability of forests and firewood production. Customers may select from a range of block sizes to suit your individual needs, from regular size (requiring further splitting in some cases) to firebox size or ready to use smaller dimensions.

Mulch (delivery in Perth or pickup): you will find no higher quality yet cheap mulch in Perth. Our mulch is produced from clean forest waste with no dyes or any tip waste content at all. Naturally composted and matured over a period of three to four years, it is one hundred percent organic. Additionally, we deliver straight from the source to you – no middle men involved – so we can offer the most competitive prices available. Choose between rich dark garden mulch and composted jungle mulch.

Why call Oakford for firewood in Perth? We use only the finest quality firewood which has been sourced from environmentally sustainable regrowth areas. We also supply naturally composted, water saving mulch in Perth, which is one hundred percent organic and of superior quality. Additionally, Oakford Firewood and Mulch supplies a pickup service from our yard for high quality stable sawdust. Simply drop into Oakford Stockfeeds with your trailer, and take advantage of our modern containerised bin system, which makes measurement and handling a breeze. Once you have selected and paid for your firewood, we load most trailers, trucks, and utes.

You’ll find no better vendor for firewood Perth delivery. We deliver throughout Perth, as well as north as far as Wanneroo, and south as far as Rockingham. Conditions apply to areas out of this zone; please contact us to discuss if required.