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Why You Need Great Garden Mulch

  • November 21, 2018
  • Posted By admin

At some point all garden lovers will encounter the need to use mulch. While not mandatory, the benefits of using mulch are enormous. Mulch can be as simple as grass clippings (not ideal), wood chips (can be too acidic), or other mediums; the best is organic compost. You can make your own mulch if you have a composting bin and some dedication, but it can be much quicker, easier, less work (and less smelly in the long term!) to purchase mulch from a reputable supplier in your area. It is also the premium option for the health of your garden.

Mulch refers to organic material which is placed onto the surface of the soil in a garden. Its use has many benefits, and if you are serious about the health and aesthetics of your garden, regular mulching is a given.

Mulch differs between materials used, but the overall benefits of using mulch in your garden include:

  • Promotion of microorganism activity in the soil, improving its level of compaction and its fitness for cultivation
  • Maximisation of soil nutrient content – resulting in healthier plants
  • Stabilisation of moisture in the soil – preventing plants from drying quickly
  • Stabilisation of soil temperature – meaning that plants don’t become stressed as easily
  • Reduced evaporation from the surface of the soil
  • Decrease in watering requirements by between twenty-five and fifty percent
  • Weed control (weeds consume water and rob soil of its moisture – not to mention that they look messy)
  • Erosion control
  • Improved decomposition of bacteria and fungi in the soil
  • Protects roots from winter cold and frost damage in the soil
  • Keeps roots cooler in hot summer conditions
  • Can inhibit pests if the right mulch is chosen
  • Encourages earthworms to take up residence
  • Can give a garden a polished look


Good quality mulch acts as a slow release, organic fertiliser; there is no better way to protect your garden and promote its optimal growth.

Why get your mulch in Perth from Oakfire.net? We offer premium, natural and one hundred percent organic clean forest waste mulch. Our mulch is a superior product which contains absolutely no dyes, no tip waste, and it is naturally composted and matured over a period of between three and four years. There is no finer mulch product available in the Perth region. Choose between our composted jungle mulch and our rich dark garden mulch, depending on your environment and application needs. Check out our Mulch page on our website for more information and details about our mulches and Perth mulch delivery.

Be aware that safe use of mulch requires attention; next time we will look in depth at the health and safety issues of using mulch, and steps you can take to ensure your wellbeing in the garden.