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Working with Mulch Safely

As we know, mulch is any material placed atop soil in a garden to enhance the wellbeing of both the soil and plants. It may be organic or inorganic. In our last post, we looked at the benefits of using mulch – today we address safety issues inherent in its use. Inorganic mulches include geotextile […]



Why You Need Great Garden Mulch

At some point all garden lovers will encounter the need to use mulch. While not mandatory, the benefits of using mulch are enormous. Mulch can be as simple as grass clippings (not ideal), wood chips (can be too acidic), or other mediums; the best is organic compost. You can make your own mulch if you […]



Creating Your Own Vegetable Patch

Lots of us dream of having our very own backyard veggie patch. Let’s face it, what’s not to like about growing your own food from scratch, and knowing that at least some of what you eat is garden fresh and has not been sitting in some supermarket warehouse cooler for an indeterminate amount of time? […]



More Spring Gardening Tips

We’re just a couple of weeks out from spring and it’s time to get out into the sunshine and primp up the garden. Last time we looked at some mulching tips for great gardening success over the next six months (including purchasing top quality Perth mulch from us here at Oakford Firewood and Mulch). Today […]