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Some important information

  • Our mulch is produced from clean forest waste
    (no tip waste is used, tip waste can contain all sorts of undesirables)
  • No dyes are used. Our mulch is naturally composted and matured over 3 – 4 years
  • Naturally, it is all natural and 100% organic
  • Our prices are very competitive because there are no middlemen

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Jungle Mulch and
Rich Dark Garden Mulch
South of the River North of the River
2 cubic metres $110 $120
3 cubic metres $165 $180
4 cubic metres $199 $220
5 cubic metres $240 $265
6 cubic metres $276 $306

Bulk orders welcome at discounted prices minimum 30m3 to 100m3 at $30 + GST $3 = $33 per 1m3. Any orders over 100m3 $25 + GST $2.50 = $27.50 per 1m3.

Oakford Firewood and Mulch is proud to supply the best commercial mulch Perth-wide.

Our mulch is one hundred percent natural and organic, produced from clean forest waste. Our mulch contains zero percent tip waste.

Mulch is ideal for water conservation in your garden. It prevents the top layers of soil from drying out, and can reduce watering requirements by up to sixty percent. Mulching keeps the temperature of the soil constant, maximising nutrient content in the soil and adding organic matter which enhances the health of plants. It also prevents the germination and growth of weeds.

The addition of mulch to soil causes fungi and soil bacteria to decompose and release nutrients into the soil. It works as an organic, slow release fertiliser.

We supply a choice of composted jungle mulch or rich dark garden mulch.

Jungle Mulch is coarse mulch blend made from uncrushed forest bark, green waste and screened peat.

Rich Dark Garden Mulch is all-purpose mulch ideal for use in all manner of gardens and for commercial purposes. It maximises water retention in the garden and protects the soil. Made from crushed tree waste, and screened peat, it is a popular mulch product.

Mulch Health and Safety

It is important to know that garden soils, including organic mulch, contain potentially harmful micro-organisms which can be dangerous if inhaled, ingested, or absorbed into the bloodstream. To keep safe and care for your wellbeing when handling mulch or any kind of soil, take these simple precautions:

    • Always wear gloves
    • Avoid handling mulch on a windy day
    • Keep mulch damp when handling it
    • Avoid inhaling any of the mix, even in minuscule amounts
    • Wash your hands after use
  • Cover any open wounds before handling mulch or soil

Mulch delivery Perth-wide or pickup options available: we are the superior choice for all of your mulch needs. Our prices remain remarkably competitive because we bring top quality, cheap mulch in Perth directly to you from the source – there are no middle men. Large orders or small, we welcome your business.

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