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Firewood Delivery Prices

Regular Size

Regular production size
Some pieces may need splitting again
length nominal 10″ to 12″ (250mm to 350mm)
Jarrah regular size to 1 bin = $320

Firebox Size

Will fit average size heater
generally the size and shape of a shoe box
length 10″ to 12″ (250mm to 350mm)
Jarrah firebox size to1 bin = $320

Ready to Use

smaller than firebox
approx size = 2 litre milk container
no chopping required
Jarrah ready to use size to 1 bin = $390


White Wood

Mixture of Tuart, Marri, Yarri and Wondoo

1 bin = $200

for North and South of the River

Note – For every tonne ordered for delivery we supply 1 bin (which is the industry standard) at the above prices. Price includes cost of wood and GST.

1 bin = 2 1/2 standard trailer loads. Weight range factor depending on moisture and density = 0.8 tonnes to 1.1 tonnes. We supply 1 bin (loosely loaded) regardless of weight but guarantee 2 1/2 standard trailer loads (loosely loaded) minimum. One bin of seasoned wood is surely better than one bin of heavy unseasoned green wood and of course the amount or volume of wood is the same irrespective of weight.

We are not common carriers. Our responsibility ends at your boundry but all care is taken, we enter your property at your risk.
For the very finest in firewood in Perth, delivery or pickup, look no further than Oakford Firewood and Mulch.

All of our firewood is sustainably sourced in an environmentally responsible way. We use only logs from regrowth areas, and never purchase logs from old growth forests. We are committed to sustainability in this industry, and are contracted to the Forest Products Commission. Our prices are extremely competitive as we use no middle men, and we use large trucks for safe and efficient handling of our product.

Oakford Firewood and Mulch is proud to contribute to royalties and other costs which ensure that, unlike gas, forest products are a renewable resource.

We sell Perth firewood in a variety of sizes suitable for an array of requirements. Firewood is priced per one bin and is available in the following sizes: